As a professional commercial pilot, you are held to rigorous ethical and behavior standards to ensure the safety of passengers. Your employer may have no tolerance for alcohol or substance abuse in its employees.

When you are found to be abusing such substances, you may get the opportunity to get clean and keep your job. You may get the help you need when you enroll in and complete a pilot substance abuse treatment program.

Admitting Your Problem

When your employer compels you to take part in pilot substance abuse treatment, you may finally come to the realization that you have a problem for which you need help. You might have initially believed you could control how much you used or how often you took drugs. However, as time progressed, you may have realized you had no control over your cravings and were at the mercy of the substances you abused.

Your time in the pilot substance abuse treatment program can bring you to the realization you have a problem that can be addressed but for which you need professional intervention. You may finally be open to letting someone help wean you off the substances to which you are addicted.

Keeping Your Job

Another primary benefit of going through the pilot substance abuse treatment program involves keeping your job. Your employment may hinge on whether or not you take part in this treatment and finish it satisfactorily. 

When you enroll in it, you demonstrate to your employer you are ready to deal with your addiction and get help for it. You also show you are ready to heed the employer's advice and follow through on what you need to do to keep your job and avoid losing your benefits and pension.

Managing Triggers

Finally, your time in the pilot substance abuse treatment program can teach you what you need to do to manage the triggers that caused you to use them in the first place. You may not know how to deal effectively with burnout, fatigue, loneliness, frustration at having to be away from your family, and other stresses. You can learn how to meditate, listen to music, journal, or use other healthy outlets rather than drink or use drugs.

A pilot substance abuse treatment program can help you overcome your addictions and regain sobriety. You may need to complete it to keep your job and benefits. You also learn how to manage your triggers and avoid lapsing back into drug use.