If you have a mental illness, you can choose a psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP) to help you. Below is information on what this is, as well as how it works, so you can decide if this would work well for you and the type of mental illness you have. 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program 

A psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP) works for both youths and adults that have a mental illness that has been treated by a doctor. They can provide this service to you in your home if needed. This is beneficial if your mental illness makes it difficult to leave your home. If you do not mind leaving, there are also community-based services where you will be with other people. Oftentimes you will be with people that have the same type of mental illness as you. 

You need to contact a PRP in your area. They can work with your insurance company or Medicare to make sure you are qualified to receive this treatment. They will then determine how often you should seek treatment, which may be weekly, a few times a month, etc. Your insurance company or Medicare may also have requirements on how often you can seek treatment. 

How PRP Works

The main goal of PRP is to help you develop the intellectual, social, and emotional skills that you need to live your daily life. This can also help you to learn how to work in your community with little support. They will teach you how to deal with relationships, different types of work, and how to spend your time when you are not working. 

The PRP can help you find a home that you can afford to live in. They will also make sure the home is in a safe area and is appropriate for you. This can help you live on your own or live with your family. There are also group homes that may work best for you or service apartments. There are halfway homes and other types of residential services. What is chosen will depend on the type of mental illness you have. 

The PRP can help you gain employment if you are able to work. They first help you develop the vocational skills that you need. They will then connect you with different jobs that will suit you best. There are many companies that hire people with mental illness. The PRP will know of these companies so you can find a job faster. 

Talk with someone at a PRP to learn much more on how they can help and benefit you. For more information on PRP, contact a professional near you.