Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health condition stemming from a traumatic event. PTSD is common in teens and can take a serious toll on their mental health. The following are some things you need to know:

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD in Teens?

A teenager who has PTSD will exhibit several symptoms you should watch out for. This can include flashbacks of the traumatic event. Teens with PTSD may have problems going to sleep or have persistent bad dreams. They may avoid any events that remind them of the event. They may become sad, angry, or become detached. Teens can also be easily spooked or anxious.

What Are Examples of Trauma a Teen Might Experience?

There are several stressful events that can cause PTSD in a teenager. Sexual or physical abuse is a common cause of teenage PTSD. Bullying, hate speech, or violence at school is also another cause. Accidents with or without injury often can result in PTSD. Parents who get divorced or major difficult life changes also can bring about PTSD. Death, parents who leave for military deployment, or abandonment can also be traumatic for teenagers. These are just a few examples of trauma a teenager can experience.

How Do You Treat PTSD in Teens?

PTSD needs proper treatment in order to heal. Mental health providers who specifically work with adolescents are the best to handle this condition. Treatment can be in the form of both medication and therapy. Therapy typically consists of talk sessions where the teen can speak freely about the things they feel. They will learn some tools that will help them cope with their trauma.

Therapy provides a way for a teen to learn how the trauma impacts their daily lives and how it can control how they feel and what they do. The child can learn how to adjust to life after the traumatic event and let go of any shame or guilt they may carry. Over time, the teen can learn how to face events they used to avoid. They will slowly begin to regain their courage and move forward.

If your teenager has been through a traumatic event and they begin exhibiting symptoms, they may be dealing with PTSD. You need to get them into treatment as soon as possible to help them begin their healing journey. Find a therapist in your area who offers trauma treatment for teenagers to help restore their mental health.