Ibogaine is a psychoactive compound found in a number of different types of plants. While it is believed that ibogaine has been used medicinally for different ailments for hundreds of years, new information suggests that ibogaine treatment may work well for people who are suffering from opioid addiction. Once someone is addicted, stopping the use of opioids is incredibly difficult. Almost no one who is addicted to opioids can just quit cold turkey. Combining ibogaine treatment with counseling sessions may be the answer for someone who wants to recover from opioid addiction. Some of the top benefits of ibogaine for opioid addiction include the following:

Smoother Withdrawal 

A big reason that it is so difficult to stop using opioids is the fact that the withdrawal symptoms can be highly unpleasant. While detoxing from opioids, a person may experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms, and the withdrawal process can take a few days. It is believed that ibogaine treatment can lessen the physical symptoms associated with detoxing from opioids, which results in a smoother withdrawal process. A person who wants to recover from an opioid addiction is much more likely to be successful if they can get through the process of withdrawal from opioids.

Reduce Cravings

Opioid addiction is complex, and recovery is quite difficult. Even while a person is undergoing treatment for opioid addiction and working towards recovery, cravings are not uncommon. Ibogaine may make a big difference in how a person recovering from an opioid addiction feels. It is suggested that ibogaine can bind with specific receptors in the brain to help drastically reduce the cravings that many recovering opioid addicts experience. Curbing the cravings for opioids can allow a person working to overcome an addiction to focus on recovery. Fewer cravings can also lower the likelihood of relapsing.

Improved Mood

Overcoming an addiction to opioids will improve a person's life and health in the long run, but recovery can be a bumpy road emotionally and psychologically. It is thought that ibogaine treatment can improve a person's mood and provide feelings of wellbeing. Having access to a natural compound that comes from a plant that may improve mood can make a big difference to someone's recovery. It is easier to deal with all of the steps involved in recovering from an opioid addiction when there is a treatment available that can help stabilize a person's mood and make them feel better.