If you are a parent of a teen that has a substance abuse problem, it is not uncommon to feel lost and alone. You may feel like you are the only parents going through this with your teenager and that the world is caving in around you. However, this is not the case. Millions of teens all across the country struggle with substance abuse issues every year. And the good news is that there is help available. There are specially tailored teen substance abuse treatment programs that can help your teen cope with and manage their addiction or substance abuse problem so that they can regain control over their life. Get to know some of the facts about these teen substance abuse treatment programs. Then, you can begin looking into one for your teen struggling with substance abuse. 

Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Differs From Adult Treatment

Teens and adults are different. As a parent, you are likely acutely aware of this fact. Your teen is emotionally and mentally different from a fully developed adult. And yet, with addiction and substance abuse, they are dealing with an issue largely pertaining to adults. 

This all means that teens need different treatment than adults when they are dealing with substance abuse. Teens often need different kinds of and more emotional support when seeking treatment. They also need different types of information and explanations of concepts than adults. And, of course, the coping mechanisms they may use can differ as well. 

All this is to say that you should make sure that you find a program specifically aimed at teens rather than an adult-oriented program when seeking treatment for your teen with substance abuse.

Dealing With Community and Support System Issues Is Very Important

Community is a major issue when it comes to teens and substance abuse. They likely got into the practice of abusing drugs or alcohol because of their close friends or peer group. And if they return to the same school after treatment (as most teens do), they will be faced with that same group of students. 

Because of this and because of the vast importance of community to teens, dealing with community and support system issues can be vitally important in teen substance abuse treatment. Learning how to properly communicate and ask for help is one thing that teens will learn. Learning how to say no and to deal with those former peers is another thing. 

And even if your teen changes schools, there will likely be another group at the new school just like their old friends, so they need to learn how to deal with that and with the temptation to fall into old social and community patterns. 

Knowing some of the important facts about teen substance abuse treatment, you can be sure you find the right program for your teen and get them the help they need.