The term "alcoholism" often uses a broad definition and there are numerous factors that can suggest whether you're an alcoholic or not. While some people around you may feel as though you drink too much, you may feel that your intake of alcohol is just fine. One way to assess your relationship with drinking is to notice whether you ever feel as though you "have" to drink. A strong urge to drink and an inability to keep alcohol out of your hands may suggest that you need help, which you can get by visiting a substance abuse treatment center. Here are some situations in which you may feel that you need to drink.

A Night Out With Friends

Whether you're going to a bar, a nightclub, or a restaurant patio with friends, try to think about your relationship with drinking at these events. Some people are happy to order a beer, wine, or spirits during any of these occasions, while others are happy to sip on soda, coffee, or even water. Do you feel that you're unable to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink at a bar or while sitting on a patio? Have you visited these establishments and attempted to avoid alcohol but been unable to do so? This could be a sign that you need help.

Watching A Sporting Event

Beer and sporting events often go hand in hand, whether it's ordering a cold beer at a professional baseball game or sharing a keg with friends while watching football on Sunday. Of course, you don't need to drink while you watch sports, but it's valuable to assess your desire to do so. For someone people, it's almost involuntary to reach for a beer upon sitting down to watch a sporting event at home or getting together with friends to tailgate at a local college football game.

After A Stressful Day

People respond to stressful days in a variety of ways. Some people decide to hit the gym on the way home to burn off steam, while others just need some quiet time to decompress before they see their families. Others rely on alcohol in an attempt to manage their stress. For example, if you're not a weekday drinker, you may have a couple beers when you get home. Or, if you drink a beer or two each night, you might drink several of them after a difficult day. Feeling that you need to drink in any situation can be limiting and often a sign that you need help.